Manjusha Rajas Johari

Manjussha Johari

Manjussha Johari was born in the beautiful city Jabalpur (M. P.) situated on the banks of the holy river Narmada. Also recognized by the name titled Sanskardhani. Her father (Dattatreya) and Uncle (Hemant) are known as "Kulkarni Bandhu "one of the Pioneer Artists of Satire (Hasya Vyangya).  She is the daughter of Jayashree -Dattatreya Kulkarni.

Manjussha ji was born and brought up in an inclusive atmosphere of arts, culture, and education. She has graduated with a commerce subject and a master’s degree (M.B.A.), specializing in Self-Management and Crisis Management. She is also a research scholar in performing arts.

Manjussha ji has observed and imbibed the artistic environment and ethical values of her educational background since childhood, she is a trained classical Kathak dancer the titles of her art journey include, Nritya Prabhakar, Nritya vid, Nritya Kovid and expertise in Bundelkhand folk music.

After her marriage with Rajes Johari ji, Manjussha ji came to Ahilyanagari Indore and then Indore became her karmasthali.

She began her career as a Teacher of Arts and Commerce. Dedication towards service and a tendency to hard work reaped the sweet fruits of a good position. 


With increasing experience, the responsibilities also increased, she worked as HOD, Management Co-ordinator, and School Administrator of different Prestigious CBSE Institutions in the region. After performing best in such capacities, she has also successfully performed the responsibility of faculty development Sessions as a Skill Trainer. Gradually Manjussha ji’s field of work became National from  Local and Regional.

She is also a star Entrepreneur. Her spouse Rajes Ji is a renowned name in the field of Marketing and Branding of Steel wire ropes on National and International platforms. Rajes ji and Manjussha ji started Shivam Enterprises with the determination to become Self- Reliant and Empower others by giving them employment. Shivam Enterprises is an MSME-registered company which is making its mark in the steel wire rope business at the National and International levels. Her Son Shivaashish is a scholar in the subject of Global Business Management with his business acumen he is fulfilling his duties in the company’s export department, he is a theatre artist as well.

With her hand on experience in Corporate Organizations, she is training Indian talented employees of all levels of those organizations to increase individual and organizational productivity and positivity it is not just a business but a campaign which is one of the resolutions to restore India to the position of Vishwa Guru.

PHD. (Performing Arts)

M.B.A. ( Self Management and Crisis Management )

Nritya KoVid

Nrity Vid

Bundelkhandi lok Sangeet Diploma

Nritya Prabhakar

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