Manjusha Rajas Johari


Manjussha Johari was born in the beautiful city Jabalpur (M. P.) situated on the banks of the holy river Narmada Also recognised by the name titled Sanskardhani. Her father (Dattatreya) and Uncle (Hemant) are known as “Kulkarni Bandhu “one of the Pioneer Artists of satire (Hasya Vyangya).  She is the daughter of Jayashree -Dattatreya Kulkarni.

Topic Of Speech


Garbh Sanskar

Garbh Sanskar is such a tradition guided by our great saints and sages which not only from the Spiritual point of you also from the Scientific aspect, framework for making the conduct, thoughts and behaviour of the foetus Superior.

Positive Lifestyle

Positive lifestyle If you are inspired by any person or object or event then it is temporary but the inspiration that comes from within you I.e. Self Motivation. This can be a permanent feature of your personality if you live your life with Positivity .


Self Management refers to Organise Ourself first. If we as an individual well organized we are ready to Lead. Self Discipline at Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Level enhances our quality of life.

Understanding of Nation First

The meaning of the country is not a limited geographical piece of land, but such an inclusive area, which is the protector of Culture, Civilization, Art and Morality and the flag bearer of their development. This is possible only when the meaning of Nation is understood truely.

Life skills

Life Skills Life skills are the techniques to live life efficiently. But in today's run-of-the-mill life, it has become very difficult to know oneself, as a result, we never know what our natural skill can become a witness of positive change in ourselves as well as in our organization, society.

Moral & Cultural Values

Moral and Cultural Values Our rich Cultural Heritage and Philosophy has a very broad vision that preaches us to pray for well being each and every creature created by the Creator Almighty. In present scenario the practice of our Moral and Cultural Values is the need of the hour.

जीये तो जिंदादिली से, हर महफिल में भरे जान ।

जीवन में प्रगति के पथ पर हो अग्रसर, सफलता के हर पायदान पर हो एक नया आयाम ||

यूँ तो कई आते और जाते है इस जहाँ में, पर कुछ बिरले ही जी पाते है, अपने अरमान 

ऐ मालिक मैं चाहूँ यहीं तुझसे, भीड़ से अलग हो

मेरी पहचान….., मेरी पहचान…., मेरी पहचान….।।

Manjusha Rajas Johari

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